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Zombies, and ghosts, and shadows...oh my!


But that’s not even the scary part. What really has me trembling in fear? The thought of never seeing my guys again...and being stuck here with Charming. Shudder.


Full of dark beauty and understated elegance, the Realm of Nightmares isn’t the grotesque, hideous place I imagined it to be. What I’ve seen of it, anyway. Being held captive doesn’t really lend itself to exploring one’s surroundings.


Now, if my guys could just get here and save me, that would be great, because I’ve gotten into a bit of trouble, and I don’t know if I can magic myself out in time. I know they’ll come. At least I’m pretty sure. Fingers crossed?


With unexpected allies appearing, there are more secrets to unravel, but time is running out. Will our bond be enough to stop this nightmare and save the kingdom? Or will our happily ever after end before it can even begin?


If The Throne Calls is the final novella in a medium-burn, quirky ménage trilogy. It’s full of insta-love, sarcasm, and troll dick. It started out as a writing prompt but turned into a tale even the author herself wasn’t prepared for. Guaranteed HEA in this installment.

If The Throne Calls

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