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Knot Pucking Mine Omegaverse

He's So Slick eBook.jpg

He's So Slick

This Omega doesn’t do drama, drugs, or hockey players. The first two for obvious reasons. The last because I don’t shit where I eat. As the daughter of the Phoenix Heat’s owner, I know better than to dip my toes into that particular pool. The league is way too small a world, and I am a drama-free zone.

When my daddy strongly suggests (read: insists) I come home for a visit, how can I say no? But without my besties by my side, there’s no one to stop me from making an epicly stupid decision when I discover the Heat’s captain in a compromising position. I’m suddenly in the one place I swore I’d never be…a hockey player’s bed, forging pack bonds I had no intention of having.

When scandal erupts around us, I vow to do whatever it takes to save my new pack, even at my own expense. In a moment of desperation, I lock lips with their nemesis right on the kiss cam. Now, I’m the one in desperate need of saving from the grumpy center of the Chicago Storm.


Can this Omega bridge the gap between these mortal enemies, or have I just doomed us all?

Content Warnings: Past loss of a loved one

Tropes: Omegaverse, RomCom, Hockey/Sports Romance, Grumpy Sunshine, Bi-Awakening

Breaking Her Rules ebook.jpg

Breaking Our Rules

Good girls follow the rules…until they don’t.

Sin Bin here I come.

I can’t say I don’t deserve the penalty time. I’ve been keeping secrets, huge ones, from those closest to me. I mean, sometimes a girl just needs something that’s solely hers. Something she can hold close to her heart or, more accurately, her greedy little Omega pus… Well, you can probably read between the lines—something is more like someones.

There’s my brothers’ best friend, the star center who’s lit me up and helped me burn for the last five years.

Then the cuddly cinnamon roll Beta trainer that, as it turns out, is already bonded to an intense, seductive Alpha who’s claiming I’m his.

Oh, and let’s not forget the Alpha who just so happens to be my bestie’s father and owner of the Phoenix Heat.

Our penalties are adding up as the clock winds down…and when the buzzer finally sounds, the three older men who all bring something different to my life, and the Beta who helps balance them out, are no longer my dirty little secrets. Will our new pack crumble under the pressure, or will we say puck the rules and hold on to each other for dear life, regardless of the consequences?

You know what they say, it’s easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. 

Content Warnings: Past loss of a loved one, Male Infertility, FMC Injury

Tropes: Omegaverse, RomCom, Hockey/Sports Romance, Best Friend's Dad, Brothers' Best Friend, Age Gap, Secret Relationship, Virgin h

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