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Sinner's Mark MC



There’s a moment in every girl’s life that defines her. I’m just not prepared for mine to happen at the altar, staring into a pair of intense brown eyes that will never belong to me, with mistletoe above my head, and twinkle lights glowing softly for our first kiss as man and wife.

Now he and his men want to claim me as their own. Want to put me on some pedestal and treat me like a princess, or at least their twisted version of one. Every look fires my blood. Every touch threatens to incinerate us all.

But I have secrets. One, they may be able to forgive. The other, well, it’s unforgivable. Once they find out what I’m hiding, there won’t be time for me to explain. My only hope is they’ll grant me mercy. Give me a head start. Let me disappear before they rain their own brand of justice down on all my lies. Because I’m definitely on the naughty list this year. . .


Santa doesn’t even need to check his list twice. Ho, ho, f*cking, ho!

Content Warnings: violence, torture, graphic sex, discussion of sexual assault, attempted sexual assault



Secrets are kind of my thing.

Or at least they were. Now my lies are catching up to me, and the stakes are higher than ever.

The men who unexpectedly claimed me are breaking down every wall I have, exposing vulnerabilities and opening old wounds. But now is not the time for weakness. Not when someone is out to get us and enemies are around every corner. It’s time for me to embrace the inner strength that’s guarded my soul for the last decade and prove to the Sinner’s Mark men that I’m more than capable of taking care of myself…and them too.

The average woman would be afraid. But I’m not your average woman. I’m the monster under the bed. The shadow lurking in the corner. I’m the one thing the darkness fears, and there will be no mercy for those that hurt the ones I love.

Content Warnings: violence, torture, graphic sex, discussion of sexual assault

5. ace ebook.jpg


No more secrets. Simple enough, right?

But life doesn’t like to stick to silly little things like plans.

There’s danger around every corner, and even though one major player is about to be knocked off the board, that leaves things wide open for the other to swoop in and take advantage.

With no time to breathe and little time to regroup, we’re merely pawns in a game where the rules are always changing. There are things happening that we can’t control, and until we figure out who’s behind the madness, we’ll never get our chance to live happily ever after.

Serial killers deserve those too…right?

Content Warnings: violence, torture, graphic sex, discussion of sexual assault

3. trip ebook FINAL_052024.jpg


Our lives are full of more twists and turns than a roller coaster, and my stomach isn’t a fan. 


Or maybe that has more to do with the fact that this serial killer now has a strong aversion to blood. Trust me, I see the irony.


With more questions than answers, we find ourselves at an impasse. It’s painful to admit it, but the villain’s plan is being executed perfectly, and he’s managing to stay five steps ahead. I’d respect him for it, if it wasn’t me he was after. 


Now there’s more on the line than ever. When the villain takes aim at a new target, and his identity is revealed, what lengths will I have to go to in order to save the family I never thought I’d have?

Content Warnings: violence, torture, graphic sex, discussion of sexual assault, vomit

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