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Land of Legends Series


If the Broom Fits

An ogre, a troll, and a witch walk into a bar...yeah, it would be funny if the joke wasn’t on us. Without warning, the three of us are thrust into a new magical world where winging it is the name of the game. All this talk about our other forms? Yeah, we really need to figure that out. This witch business is a lot to take in, and the black hat and broom are really cramping my style.

We’ve gotta work fast because under the surface of this fantasy world, trouble is brewing. No, that’s not my cauldron I’m talking about...ninety-nine percent sure I don’t even have one of those. What we do have is a pack of wolves that want to eat us and a king who wants nothing more than to see us gone for good.

On top of the crazy we’ve landed in, the gigantic ogre and the hairy troll are starting to grow on me...much like the warts on my extremely large nose. Can I risk letting them in? My heart’s not sold on the idea, but this traitorous green body is all for it.

Well, whether it’s in the bedroom or the enchanted forest, this ogre, troll, and witch aren’t going down without a fight. Here’s to toil and trouble - the likes of which this kingdom has never seen before.


If the Wand Sparkles

Once upon a time usually ends in happily ever after, right? For us, it’s a little too early to tell.

The ogre is suddenly a ray of sunshine, the troll too busy pouting to chip in and help, and the kitty dragon has secrets. Duck my life. Yeah, that’s not a typo.

With my villainous uncle on the hunt for us, I don’t have time to play the role of princess, dagnabbit. The fairy and mermaid dignitaries will just have to take a flipping rain check. And Prince Charming? Well he can frack right off. I’ve already experienced true love’s first kiss and look where that got me.

Time is running out. We’ve got to come up with a plan to stop the king, before he figures out a way to get rid of us...for good this time.


If the Throne Calls

Zombies, and ghosts, and shadows...oh my!

But that’s not even the scary part. What really has me trembling in fear? The thought of never seeing my guys again...and being stuck here with Charming. Shudder.

Full of dark beauty and understated elegance, the Realm of Nightmares isn’t the grotesque, hideous place I imagined it to be. What I’ve seen of it, anyway. Being held captive doesn’t really lend itself to exploring one’s surroundings.

Now, if my guys could just get here and save me, that would be great, because I’ve gotten into a bit of trouble, and I don’t know if I can magic myself out in time. I know they’ll come. At least I’m pretty sure. Fingers crossed?

With unexpected allies appearing, there are more secrets to unravel, but time is running out. Will our bond be enough to stop this nightmare and save the kingdom? Or will our happily ever after end before it can even begin?

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