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They call themselves the Underground Omega Syndicate and, according to the message they so helpfully left me, I’m being forced to do their bidding, whether I like it or not. They know things no one else does—private details that have been kept under lock and key— and are threatening to expose my dirty little secrets if I don’t play along.


Except they’ve made one teensy miscalculation. Am I going to correct them? Hell no. By the time they realize their mistake, I’ll have turned the tables, utilizing the resources they’ve so graciously provided for my own personal agenda.


The only thing I didn’t count on? The Alphas who threaten to throw a wrench in all my carefully laid plans. They say our history means more to them than anything else. That I mean more. They want what I promised—for us to become a pack.


But how do I tell them the woman they knew and apparently loved is gone, when they can see her standing right in front of them?

Fighting Fallon

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