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I’m the best-kept secret on the Internet. As one of the highest-paid creators on a provocative, adult-only site, I’ve made a fortune off my natural-born assets. With a legion of followers who have never seen my face, my obscurity has attracted the attention of more than a few obsessive fans who want to uncover the secret of my identity. When someone discovers more than I ever wanted known, my past and my present collide as danger lurks in the shadows.


In desperation, and without my knowledge, my best friend reaches out to the officers of Death Wish MC—a crew of ruthless genie mercenaries that will take on any job…if the price is right. Rough around the edges, dangerous as all hell, and sexy as sin, the elusive MC may be the only thing standing between me and those who will stop at nothing to find me. But the threat these rugged men pose to my heart may be even greater than the one knocking at my door.


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