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What's a ghost girl gotta do to catch a break around here? All I want is some peace and quiet and some time to get to know the men I once loved. Maybe throw in some mind-blowing sex while we're at.

What? It's been a hundred years, and this ghost girl has needs. Don't judge.

My guys are on edge and being a tad bit overprotective, so when I'm presented with the opportunity to finally get some answers, what's a ghost girl to do? Reggie and I dress to impress and hit the club, but after an encounter with a possible frenemy, things start to go horribly wrong. I mean, my mark is smearing down my arm like ink across a page, the guys' powers are starting to go haywire, and someone out there still wants us out of the picture...for good this time.

We're forced to reach out to an old friend for help. Death isn't exactly what you'd call friendly, though. He's honestly downright dour, but maybe his missing daughter can solve our little problem. That is...if we find her in time.

One thing's for sure. I'm going to need a lot more wine...and donuts...and alcohol-infused ice pops to deal with this shit show. Because there's no way we're going down without a fight. Sigh. Ghost Girl Problems!

Twist of Fate is book two in a medium-burn, why choose trilogy. It's highly recommended that you read A Fate Unknown first. The FMC will have a HEA with all of her guys by book three.

Twist of Fate

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